Automation & Lighting Control

Lighting Automation using dimmable lights and presets can change lighting levels to affect mood, emphasize architecture, illuminate art, and aid in tasks. Architects and lighting designers have long understood the power of light and its ability to define, highlight, and transform architecture. To manipulate LED lighting in such a way as to simultaneously evoke subtlety and complexity requires good design and the use of digital dimming technologies. Intellisys in conjunction with renowned lighting designers have been implementing such solutions in complex projects since 2008 with stunning results.

Automation should mean that many operational aspects of a “smart house” should happen without requiring a direct input from the users. Our managed controls may include all forms of heating/cooling/vents/fans, pool controls, irrigation, blinds, lighting , security/access control, with the behaviour modified to suit whether the house is occupied or not.

Automation should also mean enhancement of the owners security, comfort, convenience and lifestyle while lowering the overall running costs.